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Satellite event refers to any activity which is independently organised, offered, and/or accredited by an organisation other than the Public Health Association of Australia and held before, during or after the Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference 2024.

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Event: RSV Scientific Symposium

Date: Monday 10 June 2024

Time start: 2:00pm 

Time end: 9:00pm (Dinner Included)

Venue & location: Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane

PDF Flyer - Download here


Sanofi invites Health Care Practitioners, researchers and others who work in the fieldof vaccines to a one-day hybrid symposium on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV),bringing together Australia’s primary healthcare and research professionals for adynamic and engaging discussion on the current challenges and possibilities surrounding RSV in Australia.

Topics of Interest:

  • RSV Prevention Landscape

  • Impact of first all infant RSV Prevention Programs in WA, QLD andEurope

  • Australian and international RSV experts and academics to bepresenting


Event: Clinical Update: RSV New Data and Future Directions

Date: 11 June 2024

Time start: 7.00pm 

Time end: 8.30pm (Dinner included)

Venue & location: The Greek Club, 29 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane Queensland 4101


Join Prof Robert Booy, Prof Lisa Nissen, and Ms Angela Newbound for an in-person exploration of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Learn about the latest understanding in RSV epidemiology, age-related decline in immunity, vaccine research, and public health strategies for implementing RSV vaccination for older adults 60 years of age and over into the current primary care landscape.



7:00pm I Welcome and Introduction I Prof Robert Booy

7:05pm I Age related decline in immunity, disease burden of RSV in older adults including latest vaccine developments I Prof Robert Booy

7:30pm I Updates on latest RSV vaccination guidelines and implementation of recommendations into public health programs I Ms Angela Newbound

7:45pm I Scope of pharmacy vaccine services and integration into primary care to support public health outcomes I Prof Lisa Nissen

8:00pm I Panel Q&A

8.30pm I Close

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Event: Pfizer Breakfast: RSV Uncovered

Date: 12 June 2024

Time start: 7.15 am (Registration from 7:00am)

Time end: 8.15 am

Venue & location: Arbour A2 Room, Brisbane Convention Centre


After decades of research, preventative measures for RSV are now emerging, with a particular emphasis on protecting the most vulnerable: infants in their early months and older adults. Given the shift in the RSV prevention landscape, the symposium will focus on the most recent Australian burden of disease data and its potential implications for families. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the

ABRYSVO (recombinant RSV pre-fusion F protein) vaccine clinical trial results from clinicians who had direct involvement in the trials and co-authored several of the resulting publications.

Breakfast will be provided. This event will be in-person only. Seating is limited and once seating capacity is reached, registrants will be waitlisted and notified when seating becomes available.

sanofi-aventis australia pty ltd. ABN 31 008 558 807. Trading as SANOFI. Building D, 12-24 Talavera Rd,Macquarie Park NSW 2113. Customer Service Enquiries: 1800 829 468. MAT-AU-24008110-1.0. April 2024. Sanofi have provided sponsorship and support for the organisation of this event.

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Event: MSD Breakfast: Paediatric Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Update

Date: 12 June 2024

Time start: 7.15 am (Registration from 7:00am)

Time end: 8.15 am

Venue & location: S1 Room, Sky Level, Brisbane Convention Centre


Join us to review the Australian data on the Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes across recent years that cause paediatric invasive pneumococcal disease. We will also discuss the impact of COVID-19 on disease burden and explore the role of immunisation in addressing pneumococcal disease.


This event is for healthcare professionals only. 





Dr Nusrat Homaira is a medical respiratory epidemiologist currently working as a Senior Lecturer with the Discipline of Paediatrics and Child Health, School of Clinical Medicine at UNSW Australia and a Respiratory Scientist within the respiratory department of Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. She has over 15 years working experience in prevention and control of childhood respiratory infections in both high- and low-income settings. Nusrat has published extensively ( >100 publications ) in high impact journals including the Lancet series and her research has attracted ~10 million AUD in funding. Nusrat is an internationally recognised researcher within her field and her research has been recognised by multiple international and national awards. Her current work focuses around modifying the intersection between acute and chronic respiratory disease of childhood through evaluating disease modifying intervention including vaccines. She is elected council member of the International Society for Influenza and other Respiratory Viruses.

Breakfast will be provided to attendees.This event will be in-person only. Seating is limited and once seating capacity is reached, registrants will be waitlisted and notified when seating becomes available.

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Event: The Chronicles of RSV: The paediatrician, the GP and the midwife.

Date: 12th June

Time:  Light breakfast: 7am-7.15am

Talks: 7.15am-8.15am (Brisbane, QLD)

Venue: Sky S1 Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre. Cnr. Merivale & Glenelg St, South Bank, Brisbane 

2024 infant RSV immunisation programs have been implemented across several Australian states with the likelihood of a national program in the coming years. Hear from a leading paediatrician from NSW, an experienced GP from WA and an expert in midwifery from QLD about how to counsel expectant and new parents about RSV prevention. A light breakfast will be available while you learn from these passionate health care professionals about RSV & parent engagement. Please join us in-person as we turn the pages on The Chronicles of RSV.


Topics covered:

•            RSV disease awareness & immunisation in the real world (10 mins)

•            Talking to expectant parents about RSV (10 mins)

•            Raising the importance of infant RSV in primary care (10 mins)

•            Considerations for vulnerable & Indigenous children in the second year of life (10 mins)

•            Panel Q+A (15-20 mins)


QR code for registration:                                                   Or Register At:


Sanofi webinars & events (live or pre-recorded) are intended for invited Healthcare Professionals only and should not be viewed by anyone but the intended recipient. Persons accompanying an invited Healthcare Professional are not permitted to attend any meetings or meals organised by Sanofi.*Sanofi is prioritising HCP attendance for this event and will not be accepting registrations from staff of other pharmaceutical companies. Sanofi-Aventis Australia pty ltd ABN 31 008 558 807. Locked Bag 2227 North Ryde BC NSW 1670. MAT-AU-2400883. V1.0. Prepared April 2024.

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Event: CSL Seqirus Breakfast Symposium: Enhancing Influenza and COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness

Date: 13 June 2024

Time start: 7.15 am (Registration from 7:00am)

Time end: 8.15 am

Venue & location: Sky S1 Room, Brisbane Convention Centre


The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the pace and direction of vaccine development. This has implications for vaccination programmes, including influenza, both currently and in future.  As we emerge from the pandemic, greater emphasis needs to be placed on building vaccination programmes which are sustainable and support a robust public health response in an evolving environment. Innovative vaccine technologies play a role in addressing this need. 


Innovation in vaccine development includes consideration of manufacturing platforms focused on enhancing vaccine effectiveness.  Such improvements will be best realised using platforms which are fit-for-purpose, adaptable and scalable.  This will require consideration of novel vaccine targets and formulations which offer the opportunity to improve the magnitude, breadth and persistence of immune response; as well as opportunity to combine approaches.  This session aims to discuss considerations for enhancing vaccine effectiveness against influenza and COVID-19.


The objectives of this session are two-fold;

  • To review the status of COVID-19 and influenza in Australia and New Zealand, including burden of disease, vaccination trends and the unmet need in current vaccination strategies

  • To discuss the evolution and scientific rationale for innovation in vaccine development to enhance vaccine effectiveness, with a focus on COVID-19 and influenza

  • A panel of experts will present and discuss considerations and scientific rationale for the evolution of influenza and COVID vaccines.




Breakfast will be provided. Seating is limited. Once seating capacity is reached, registrants will be waitlisted and notified when seating becomes available. No cost. 

Seqirus (Australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria. ABN: 66 120 398 067. Seqirus Medical Information: 1800 642 865. Fluad ® is a registered trademark of Seqirus UK or its affiliates. Seqirus™ is a trademark of Seqirus UK Limited or its affiliates. Date of preparation: April 2024 AU-NOPR-24-0003


Event: The 8th Annual Immunisation Forum (AIF)

Date: 14 June 2024

Time start: 8.15 am 

Time end: 4.30 pm

Venue & location: Stanford Plaza, 1 Edward Street Brisbane


The 8th Annual Immunisation Forum (AIF) hybrid event will take place at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane on June 14, 2024, immediately following the PHAA’s Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference (CDIC). Attendance is free of charge. Online attendance is unlimited.
The meeting is ideal for GPs, practice nurses, specialists, pharmacists and other immunisation specialists. The program covers the following topics: a look into aged care, new vaccines for the elderly, adjuvanted vaccines, vaccinations in primary care and pharmacy, managing vaccine hesitancy, targeting at-risk populations, first nations people, etc.
Please note: the timing of the program listed is in AEST.

For questions or for any assistance, please contact:

PHAA Events Team

P. 02 6282 2373


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