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In 2024 the Conference theme will be “Protecting Communities: empowering health through Disease Control and Immunisation”.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cast a long shadow, this conference will be oriented towards future opportunities and challenges for prevention and control of communicable and vaccine preventable diseases. We will highlight the most significant scientific advances in interventions and knowledge to inform policy and practice change. Our focus will include real world applications, including implications for programs, services and delivery.

What are the opportunities to improve what we currently do, how we can better serve those with the greatest needs and how we can build better partnerships both within and beyond Australia?

We will review the developing agenda of the Australian Centre for Disease Control and ask how we as a community can help deliver on the governments promise to increase capacity and capability for co-ordinated pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. How will we deliver on its vision of an integrated One Health approach and what changes in policy and practice will best serve the community to minimise the impact of communicable diseases?

The Communicable Diseases & Immunisation Conference 2024 will identify ways to share our expertise and insights, improve systems and processes and promote adaptation to an ever-changing environment. The conference will aim to help build new links and connections, cement existing relationships and maximise cooperative and collaboration. We will aim to set out the challenges and find solutions together.

Abstract Submissions

We welcome submission of abstracts for presentations relevant to one of the conference theme and sub-themes. 

All abstracts are to be submitted electronically using the online facility on the conference website. Select the Abstract Submission tab and follow the prompts.

It is the submitting author’s responsibility to ensure that the abstract uploaded to the server is the correct version. Online abstract document loading is completed via browsing your selected computer drive. Abstracts submitted for presentation will be published exactly as received and should be checked for spelling and grammar prior to submission.


Papers that have clear public health ramifications will be accepted and considered in two domains:

  • Research - context and aim, methods and analysis/research findings, translational outcomes, future actions

  • Innovation Practice - clear context and aim, process, analysis, outcomes.

Presentation Types

Long Oral Presentation:

Presenters have a total of 10 minutes to present. Abstract submitted must have clear learning objectives and outcomes. Please note, places are limited. 


Rapid Fire Presentation:

Presenters have a total of 6 minutes presentation time using a maximum of 6 PowerPoint slides (including title slide). Presenters should give the ultimate elevator pitch.


Poster Display:

Please provide a one-page physical copy of your poster for display at the conference (130cm H x 90cm W).


Whilst every effort will be made to accept an abstract for the nominated presentation format,
the Scientific Advisory Committee reserves the right to allocate a different presentation type if appropriate.

Abstract submissions closed on Friday 23 February 2024 @ 11:59pm AEDT.
Conference Topics

The program will provide lively and productive discussions and contributions from Australian professionals engaged in Communicable Disease Control and Immunisation. We invite you to submit abstracts under the following session topics:

  • Aboriginal health – determinants, strengthening communities, service delivery

  • Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses; including JE and Monkey Pox

  • Cross-cultural and social determinants of health, including attitudes and behaviour change

  • Maternal Vaccines

  • Global and regional infectious disease control and prevention; esp. Asia-Pacific, Global Nitags network

  • Sexually transmissible and bloodborne infections

  • One Health – broad approach - environmental, vets, one health experts

  • Enteric and foodborne infections

  • Communication, assessment, and capacity building

  • Outbreak investigations, responses, and genomics

  • Health Messaging, consumers, communication and/or engagement

  • Vaccine preventable diseases, programs and implementation, emerging immunisation practices

  • Influenza, Respiratory viruses and RSV vaccines

  • Safety for the future, learnings from the past

  • Surveillance and data systems, point of care testing, innovation diagnostics

  • New vaccines – platform technology, RSV, Group B strep

  • Laboratory surveillance including antimicrobial resilience

Abstract Requirements

  • All intended presentations require the submission of an abstract. All abstracts will be subject to peer review.

  • Refer to the online abstract submission form for requirements.

  • The abstract title should be no longer than 12 words.

  • The abstract should be a maximum of 300 words in simple text paragraphs without images or tables.
    (Presenters of research focusing on particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities should provide an additional paragraph with their abstract outlining whether the relevant community/ies have provided permission to publicise the research findings. An additional 50-word paragraph is permitted in addition to the 300-word maximum.)

  • We encourage presentations on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ health to be presented or co-presented with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person. We encourage abstracts submitted to note if authors identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

  • If there is more than one presenter, all correspondence will be sent to the person whose name and email address is entered with the abstract.

  • All presenters must be registered to attend the face-to-face conference in order to present.

  • Pre-recorded presentations must supply their presentation by the deadline provided at the time of abstract acceptance. Recorded presentations will be played in the room and will not be available to view via the plenary hub.

Abstract submissions closed on Friday 23 February 2024 @ 11:59pm AEDT.
Please note: All presenters must register at the time of confirming their acceptance and pay the conference registration fee. 
Presentation offers and results will be advised by email end March 2024.

PHAA reserves the right to amend requirements for the Call For Abstracts.

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